How to set up your Okidata B412 for Sublimation

The Okidata printer comes from the factory with default settings for running regular toner for office printing applications.  To use the printer for sublimation, adjustments should be made to make the printer print as dark as possible with a nice thick covering of toner on the paper.  (If you use the printers default settings you will not get a dark transfer)


After you have received your printer and have prepared your cartridge, there are some steps that you will need to take to darken the print up for sublimation.  These are the settings that I use.


  1.  Make a few prints with the newly filled sublimation cartridge in.  Then take the drum unit with toner cartridge attached out of the machine, rock them gently as a unit back and forth to make sure the toner is spread evenly, then reinsert the cartridge.
  2. On the printer, go to Menus, scroll down to Print Adjust, then scroll to adjust the darkness (mine is set on +2)
  3. The driver software you installed also has some more options.  Click on print to print a document.  In the print window click on Printer Properties.  On the top of that page is a Job Options tab.  On the job options tab click the Normal 600 X 600 dpi setting, the higher resolution 1200 X 1200 is also available.  
  4. From the Print Properties page, go to Image Settings, adjust the contrast higher +25 to +40.  (If you get the contrast too high it will double image).  This is a window that you should make yourself familiar with for achieving different effects and darkness.
  5. From the print window under paper type, select plain paper (some of the other setting such as bond or card stock have also had good results because they have a slower printing speeds).  I think the plain paper setting works well with great speed.
  6. Turn off the printers toner saving options (on the Printer Properties page).
  7. I am heat pressing on metal at 375 for 28 seconds with the plastic on.  Then letting cool until it can be handled by hand (do not burn yourself, it's hot off the press), then peel and reveal.  For best results do not let the piece cool completely before removing paper/plastic, remove it while it is still warm.  Your time and temperatures may vary by equipment and conditions.


Do not be afraid to experiment with the printer settings.  With a little pratice you can achieve a variety of results and finishes. 


With these setting I am getting nice jet black prints w/ a glossy finish on brush gold.

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