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(Please note:  Sublimation toner is no longer available for HP printers.)


We are happy to announce we have found a solution for BLACK SUBLIMATION printing using Okidata printers.  And best of all it is affordable, refillable, and easy.  With the same benefits as as you would expect from a toner product.


No need to buy prefilled sublimation cartridges, now you can fill them yourself.


Simply replace the office toner with OPW sublimation toner and you are ready to print trophies, plaques and much more.  And this one is easy.


Unlike the old black, the new black does white metal without spotting, and prints on polyester fabrics too.


Prints best through the plastic saving production time.


Heat press 375 - 400 degrees for 28 - 90 seconds depending on your desired results.

(This toner takes a little more time than the old toner)


On fabrics

Heat press 375 - 380 for 28 seconds


Times and temperatures are appoximates and may vary by your equipment and conditions.  As with any art, practice makes perfect.


If you have questions, give us a call or e-mail




60 gram bottle of OPW black sublimation toner for Okidata


$140.00 per bottle

+14.95 s&h (USA)


To order:

Call 972-438-1100



Heat press 380 degrees for 30 seconds on metal thru the plastic.

(heat may vary by conditions, equipment and substrate)


Prints on all sublimate-able products.


(see details below)


The Simple Solution for

Black Sublimation


The Machine


We recomend using these Okidata machines:

B412DN, B432DN, B512DN, MB472W, MB492, MB562W black laser printers.


At 33 - 47 ppm these are  fast.


Requires no special paper, make transfers using plain copy paper.


These machines are readily available easy to maintain and run. 


Best of all it comes with refillable cartridges!!!

(But you do have to empty the office toner that comes in them)


YouTube Refill Instruction Video Below


Here is how it works.


Unlike HP printers, the Okidata laser printers use two seperate consumable peices to print, a toner cartride and a drum cartridge (in HP printers the two pieces are combined into one cartridge).


Click Here For Machine Set Up Instructions 





Because the print unit in the Okidata machine is two seperate pieces with the toner cartridge being a simple receptical, Okidata built the cartridge with a window that opens allowing the consumer to add more toner themselves, how convienant for the trophy maker using sublimation toner.  The drum unit last up to 30,000 prints, therefore the toner can be refilled many times before the drum would have to be replaced.  You may never have to replace the actual toner cartridge itself.  But the toner cartridge chip will have to be replaced periodically. 


To use for sublimation empty (open and dump) the office toner from the toner cartridges.  Then fill with OPW sublimation toner.  Be careful not to get office toner into the drum.  If you need help emptying the office toner or adding sublimation toner, give us a call at 972-438-1100, we will be happy to walk you through the process.


 YouTube Refill Instruction Video Below.

The Drum Unit​

(read carefully)


Careful consideration needs to be given to the drum unit.  The printer comes with office toner in it.  If office toner gets mixed into the sublimation toner, you will not get a good results.  The two don't mix very well.  To use the Okidata laser printers for sublimation, you have to make sure to keep office toner out of the drum.  If regular office toner gets into the drum, the drum will have to be replaced before it can be used for sublimation.  Therefore, if you are using a used printer replace the drum before introducing sublimation toner to the machine.  If you are using a new machine, carefully remove the toner cartridge making sure the lever is not turned to the lock position (which will release toner into the drum unit).


If you need a drum unit, let us know, we offer a generic replacement.


Be sure this printer is used for sublimation only!!!

(so you don't have to keep replacing drums)



Please note:  The Okidata printer uses a different printing process as the HP printers we have previously made toner for.  One of the chemicals needed to make HP sublimation toner is no longer available.  We applologize for the huge inconvienence that this has caused everyone in our industry it was totally out of our control.  


The sublimation toner shown on this page is not compatable with HP machines and will not work in them.

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