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Why Laser Sublimation?  (See Below)

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Black Sublimation Toner


Black Sublimation Toner that can be used in many Okidata  monochrome (black & white) laser printers.  Yes you can use a regular laser printer for sublimation using plain paper.

Color Sublimation Toner


Custom t-shirts, and jersy's fast.  Print full color, photo quality, on T-shirts, mugs, plaques and any other sublimate-able product.  Transfers printed on plain paper from a desk top laser printer.


What is Laser Printer Sublimation?


Used primarily in the awards and sign industry, sublimation toner allows the user to take computer generated graphics, print them on regular copy paper using a desktop laser printer, creating a transfer sheets that can be heat transferred to metal, plastic, ceramics, tee shirts, mouse pads and many sublimate-able materials (must be poly coated or contain polyester).


Why Laser Printer Sublimation?


Cheaper method of Sublimation

A single set of ink jet cartridges cost around $200 and will yield approximately 400 8 1/2 X 11 prints, assuming that you are able to use them completely before they dry up.  A 60 gram bottle of sublimation toner cost $140 and yields approximately 1500 prints.  Just like regular printing, laser sublimation toner has a much higher yield, lowering your printing cost.


No special paper.

You no longer have to buy expensive sublimation paper.  Another money saver.  Laser sublimation works best on plain cheap copy paper, the cheapest you can buy. This cheap paper also adds benefits to the results you get (see below).



Will not clog your machine.

Regular ink jet cartirdges clog, it's the nature of the beast. Sublimation ink coagulates and makes the problem even worse. Sublimation Ink Jet cartridges in ink jet machines clog up machines, again it's the nature of the beast.  Laser Printer Sublimation elemenates this problem.  No more concern for the warranty or repair of your machine.  Less down time.


Storage between jobs

Sublimation toner has an infinite shelf life. Matter of fact you can use your regular desk top printer, change cartridges to do your sublimation prints then change back to regular toner to continue with regular office work. It will not affect your machine in the least and the sublimation toner will last on the shelf until you need it the next time.



Blacker blacks

Sublimation ink does not make the best blacks. Laser does and is even adjustable (depending on your machine). We have even come up with a coating that we treat our drums with so that the toner lays down smother making it appear blacker and more solid. Yes we can achieve a jet black with a glossy finish. It makes your work stand out.



Crisper lines

Inkjet sublimation paper is a course fibrous paper that is designed to "soak up" ink jet ink. The "soaking up" process means it also runs especially when heated; again it is the nature of the beast. Anytime your ink runs whether it is when the piece is printed or during the heating process, lines and other well defined parts of your image such as grey scales become distorted.


Laser sublimation is done on plain sulfite copy paper. The less cotton or pulp in the paper the better, thus cheap copy paper is great. Because the toner lays down on top of the paper rather than soaking into the paper, you get a sharper print. Your lines stay straight, greyscales are accurate, etc. You will find this true in regular office printing as well. Sublimation toner does not run when heated. Please note: Paper does tend to shrink when you heat the moisture out of it. We recommend always preheating your transfer sheets a few seconds before pressing



Faster, easier, and cost effective

There is no faster easier way to print than a laser printer. Laser printers just print better. We most likely make a sublimation toner cartridge to fit a machine you probably already have in your office.


Cuts production time.  Laser printers print faster.  Because you can print right thru the plastic that protects the metal, you can leave the plastic protective covering on your product until it is delivered to the customer.



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