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Yes we make office toner too!!!


We remanufacture cartridges using original HP shells, cleaned and reconditioned, to ensure fit.  We remove the interior components and install parts that are built to our specifications.  The new drums and PCR components are treated with our own process before being installed.  We have developed the coating process for the arts and graphics industry to enhance detail and make cleaner prints.  We inspect and test every cartridge before it is packaged, to ensure quality.


It is also worthy to note, this is a completely recycled product.  We are taking spent cartridges that would otherwise go to the landfill and completely recycling shell and contents.  The only parts going to the landfill are the original now useless parts or parts that we deem inferior and would not use.


If you do not see your cartridge or have a question about compatibility, give us a call at 972-438-1100.


We also build custom cartridges.  Custom colors, sublimation, micr, or specified yield size.  Let us know how we can help.

OPW 75434  (05A   CE505A)                                        $61.99

Laser Jet P2035, P2050, P2055 series printers


OPW 75435 (05X   CE505X high capacity)              $118.99

Laser Jet P2050, P2055 series printers


OPW 75101 (12A   Q2612A)                                       $58.99

LaserJet: 1010, 1012, 1015, 1018, 1020, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, 3015, 3020, 3030, 3050, 3052, 3055, M1005, M1319f


OPW 75576 (78A   CE278A)                                        $61.99

LaserJet:  M1536DNF, P1566, P1606, P1606DN  LaserJet Pro:  M1536DNF, P1606DN


OPW 75806   (80A   CF280A)                                      $83.99

LaserJet Pro: M401a, M401d, M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n, M401s, M425dn, M425dw


OPW 75283   (83A  CF283A)                                       $54.99

LaserJet Pro: M125, M125a, M125nw, M127fn, M127fw, M201, M201dw, M201n, M225, M225dn, M225dw


OPW 75575   (85A  CE285A)                                       $56.99

LaserJet: M1217nfw, P1102    LaserJet Pro: M1132, M1134, M1136, M1137, M1138, M1139, M1212f, M1212nf, M1213nf, M1214nfh, M1216nfh, M1217nfw, M1219nf, P1102, P1102w


OPW 75395   (36A   CB436A)                                      $61.99

LaserJet: M1120, M1120n, M1522, M1522n, M1522nf, P1505, P1505n


OPW 75811, 75808, 75809, 75810   (HP 305A color laser)

Color Laserjet Pro 300 Color MFP M375NW, 400, Color MFP M475, 400 Color Printer M451 series               BLK - $76.99      Colors - $92.99



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Office Products Warehouse

2116 Sandy Ln


Irving,  75060


Phone: 972-438-1100 972-438-1100

Email: vic@orderop.com


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